What Happens If You Wax A Newly Painted Car?

You have taken a newly painted car that looks nice and beautiful. Every one of us wants to keep our car looking fresh and new. So people use different ways to keep its paint condition better. Among all ways applying wax is one of the best solutions to protect car paint from various effects. So, you have to know What Happens If You Wax A Newly Painted Car?

But the problem is that can you apply wax to a newly painted car? If you use wax too early, what will happen? If I want to apply wax on car paint, then what is the best time to apply? Read my below content and get the answer to your every question.

Why do We Apply Wax on the Car Paint?

Why do We Apply Wax on the Car Paint

The purpose of using wax on the car paint is to protect your car paint from different effects such as oils and to protect the paint from oxidation. It protects the paint for a longer time and maintains its new and fresh look.

There are several benefits of applying wax on the car paint if you apply the wax on paint correctly. Paint is reactant with oxygen molecules; when it reacts, it starts an oxidation effect and paint becomes dull, and its shine also decreases.

So regular waxing of your car is necessary if you keep your car paint warm and beautiful all the time. It will not maintain its beauty but also extend your car paint life. It protects the paint from water, oil, and dust effects. All kinds of cars need waxing on the paint.

Can You Wax A Newly Painted Car?

Can You Wax A Newly Painted Car

What is the big mistake that most of us make? We prefer to apply the wax on the newly painted car as soon as possible when we bring it home. But the car painting professionals strictly prohibit waxing a newly painted car.

We think that a gap of one or two days is enough for proper drying of the paint. But experts recommend good dryness, and it may take one to two months. So when you take a newly painted car, wait for a couple of months and then apply the wax.

But there is a risk that your car paint damage may be in these months because it is enough time. The modern approach of professional painters has changed, and they say that wax it as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted event. But before applying wax, make sure the paint is appropriately dried.

Different factors affect, especially weather; suppose you live in a hot area where the temperature remains between 30 to 40 degrees centigrade, then you can apply wax after a week. But if there is winter and the temperature is less than 10 degrees, wait for 10 to 12 days before applying the wax.

If you live in an area where dust issues, then apply the wax as early as possible for the safety of your car paint. You can also take recommendations from the experts.

What will Happen If You Apply Wax to a Newly Painted Car?

What will Happen If You Apply Wax to a Newly Painted Car

Applying wax on the paint is necessary to protect the paint, but it is also needed to use it properly when required. Applying wax on the car paint too early will harm the paint instead of benefiting.

  • Applying wax too early can interrupt the curing process of paint. It will weaken the paint, and the paint’s resistance against weather and dust factors will reduce. Paint will remove and damage easily. So wait for some days to ensure that the curing process has been completed and then apply the wax.
  • Colour grassing process will also affect if you apply wax too early. It is necessary for permanent fixation of color with the car body surface for a long lifespan. So wait for some days and keep your park indoors during that period.
  • When the paint is wet, and you apply the wax, it will make the paint hard and remove it from the surface. You will see patches and scratches in the paint. So avoid using wax too early.

What Will Happen If You Apply More Quantity of Wax?

You can only get the benefits of wax when you apply it in the proper and recommended way. It protects paint, but if you use too much quantity, it will harm your car paint. You may experience clouding and build-up.

Your wax paste will also damage the brand new car paint coating by the factory. But if you use synthetic wax, it may be safer than wax paste, but you may see layers at the time of its application and may experience cloud after some time.

So take a recommendation from experts to apply wax on the paint. But if you cannot apply yourself, then take professional services.

How Often Should I Apply Wax on My Car Paint?

It is better to apply regular waxing on your car paint. For better protection, you can apply waxing after every three months. But apply it a minimum of twice a year, especially in the summer when the temperature is higher; you need to apply it early.

How to Apply Wax Properly in a Car?

If you are new to car waxing, then first take recommendations from an experienced person such as your friend, that already has the experience to apply wax. However, if you do not have any source, follow the simple tips below to apply car wax correctly.

Step By Step To Apply Wax In A Car (What Happens If You Wax A Newly Painted Car?):

Step 1

First of all, you will need to wash your car, do not use cloth washing detergent; they are harmful to car paint. Take a specific car cleaner with a balanced PH. The car wash will help you remove the dust and debris to connect properly between paint and wax.

Step 2

Before applying the wax, it is also essential that your car should be dry. If you wash it, leave it for a couple of hours and then take a clean and soft cloth, dry it properly, and make sure all the parts that will be waxed are dry.

Step 3

Here is an optional step that is not essential, but it will give more shine and glow if you follow it. It is about applying polish. You can apply polish to the paint with a soft and clean cloth. Apply it gently, and do not press it too hard.

Step 4

The final step is to apply the wax; you can use the specific applicator after taking recommendations; generally, a microfiber applicator is used for wax application.  Avoid using too much wax; it will also damage the paint quality.

You do not need to apply it for a longer time; start it from the front of your car, so when you reach the final, start removing it from the front starting point. Repeat the process again and again or at least two times until the bottle is used entirely.

Step 5

After applying wax, leave your car for a couple of hours and then clean it with a soft and clean cloth and make sure there are no scars or patches.

Step By Step To Apply Wax In A Car


Application of wax over your car paint is a good remedy for your car paint protection from different damaging factors. It will secure the pain from dust, oil, and oxidation and maintain its fresh look for a longer time.

But applying wax too early when the paint is not properly dry can harm the paint. So never apply it too quickly; experts recommend waiting for at least a month. But if you cannot, then before applying wax, make sure the paint is properly dry.

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