How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun? Best Guide 2023

How to use Hvlp Spray Gun before starting a painting is a common question. The modern Hvlp spray gun is a helpful tool for getting perfect painting results. But If you buy an Hvlp spray gun, you may become confused about its use when you open the packaging.

Surely for a quality painting, you need to learn techniques on how to use an Hvlp spray gun to get perfect results from Hvlp spray painting. Do not worry!! Today I will let you know how to use an Hvlp spray gun for a fine painting job.

Until you do not know How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun and how to set up a Hvlp spray gun, it is hard to get correct results from the gun. An Hvlp spray gun has three steps to get the correct setting up a hvlp spray gun. It includes choosing the correct air supply, choosing the right tips, and then setting it up. Then it will be easy for you to use. So, How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun or how set up an hvlp spray gun is a major part you have to know?

Our below discussion on how to use hvlp spray gun will be the best guide for you and you will learn the all details on it. So, why late start to read:

The Basic Of The How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun

Setting Up Air Volume

To get accurate results from the Hvlp spray gun, you need to know how to set up an hvlp spray gun to set air volume at a high level. You can read the directions on the spray gun to know how many CFM your spray gun has. It will be good if you set the air volume higher than the required level.

Choosing Right Tip

Tips for your Hvlp spray gun are also important to choose; when you purchase a gun, you will get different sizes of tips. But which one is the correct tip size for your job depends on your job needs.

You can use any of the available tips. Suppose you are working with some small-level DIY projects, then the 1.0 tip is good to use. But for the larger projects, the recommended tip sizes are 1.3 or 1.4. 

For the primers build, recommended tip sizes are 1.8 to 2.3 depending on the desired thickness level.

Correct Adjustment Of Tip

Setting up the tip is not a tough job, but you need a proper setup for a constant material flow. So follow the guidelines on instruction guides on how to adjust a hvlp spray gun or how to adjust an hvlp spray gun?. 

Most spray guns come with easy adjustment features such as hooking up the tip with the spray gun and turning it clockwise; when you hear a click sound, it’s done.

How Should I Use An Hvlp Spray Gun To Get Perfect Paint?

Hvlp Spray Gun

How to use a hvlp spray gun to solve this problem If you have an Hvlp spray gun with you, it is a plus for you because you can easily finish many difficult projects with ease. You can easily get a fine and professional painting job with less effort. But you should know how to use an Hvlp spray gun to get the right painting experience.

I have collected the information to teach you the right way How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun to finish your paint job an Hvlp spray gun. Follow my simple step-by-step guidelines to learn techniques for painting.

Step One (Prepare The Area For Work):

To know How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun, First of all, you should prepare the area for work and always make sure you choose an airy place. An airy place is necessary because paint materials contain different chemicals that may cause suffocation.

So choose an airy and neat, and clean place for placing your painting items. If you are painting the wall, make sure there is a proper system for airflow, and there are no obstacles to disturb when you are painting.

Step Two (Arrange The Required Materials):

The second step is How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun to arrange the required materials. It depends on the surface that you are painting. So make sure that you are working with wood, metal, or concrete. Choose the paint material according to surface requirements and your budget.

Only a Hvlp spray gun is not enough; you also need to arrange for accessories, compressors, and safety gadgets. Never forget to wear safety gadgets. When choosing the Hvlp spray gun, make sure you have selected the right gun. 

Choice of the gun also depends on the surface’s thickness, size, and the material that you will use. So make sure you have chosen an Hvlp spray gun that is fast and right for your project to complete smoothly.

Step Three (SetUp hvlp Spray Gun):

Now, set up hvlp spray gun to ensure proper functioning. Follow the instructions to get the right setup for your Hvlp spray gun that I have provided in the above content. So, it is important for you to know how to use Hvlp Spray Gun.

Step Four (Choose The Right Paint):

Forth steps How To Use Hvlp Spray Gun the performance of your Hvlp spray gun also depends on the paint. Make it possible that you have selected the correct paint. Only choosing the right paint is also not enough.

You also need to prepare the paint for the spray gun. Make sure your paint is not too thick or too thin. A moderate paint is good to get the right performance from an Hvlp spray gun.

Step Five (Load The Paint In Your Spray Gun):

Once you have prepared the paint for use in your Hvlp spray gun, you need a setup hvlp spray gun to load paint in your spray gun.  It may not seem like a difficult job, but you need to be careful at this stage. 

Please use pantyhose or paint strainer to fill the spray gun cup with paint. It will assist you in pouring the right amount of paint and protecting your paint from waste.

Step Six (Connect Turbine System With The Right Hose):

You may know that you need a proper turbine system for Hvlp spray gun to work. So you will need to connect it with the right hose to get the perfect job.

The length and width of a hose affect the performance of a spray gun. So choose the right size, so make sure you have chosen a hose size that should be at least 6 ft.  Larger than 6 ft is good because it will reduce the risk of heating and create proper heat as required for painting.

Step Seven (Connect Your Hvlp Spray Gun With A Compressor):

Connect your Hvlp spray gun with a compressor. You should have a compressor that can produce high volume and low pressure. You can choose it according to the required instructions on Hvlp, but a more powerful compressor will be easy to finish.

Step Eight (Follow The Proper Technique While Painting):

You should follow the proper technique to apply paint on the required surface. Before applying on the required surface, test it on some paper or cardboard. 

When applying paint, hold the gun in your hand and manage the distance between the surface and the spray gun tip between 6 and 7 inches.

If your chosen surface is vertical, then apply paint from top then to bottom. For verticals, you can follow the reverse of that. If you did not follow it, you might get thick layers and dots.

Always start your painting from convenient edges and then apply to other edges. Try to maintain a constant speed for consistent work.

Step Nine (Check The Surface And Give The Next Coat If Needed):

The next step is to check the surface if there is a need to apply more paint, then give the next coat. But before applying the next coat, make sure the first coat is completely dry. Do not apply paint over a wet coat; otherwise, you will get a messy look.

Step Ten (Clean The Hvlp Spray Gun With Paint Cleaner):

Once you have done your job, clean the Hvlp spray gun with paint cleaner, leave it for some hours to completely dry and then store the Hvlp spray gun in a safe place for next use.

Frequently Ask And Questions (FAQ): How To Use a Hvlp Spray Gun

Question 1: What Is An HVLP Spray Gun?

Answer: HVLP Spray gun is a modern spray gun type that works on high volume but at low pressure. The recommended volume for a Hvlp spray gun is 10-25 CFM, while the pressure should be 10 PSI or less to get the perfect finish. 

It is an efficient type of air spray gun and is suitable for all types of jobs. It also saves your time, and you need less paint to finish a painting job.

These spray guns are also sometimes called turbo-sprayers and are suitable to use for in professional projects. Some of the major uses of Hvlp spray guns are trim, staining, furniture, cabinet painting, finishing work, auto vehicle painting, and much more.

Question 2: How Much Bigger An Air Compressor Do You Need To Operate An Hvlp Spray Gun?

Answer: It varies depending on the requirement of spray gun models because each model requires different compressor sizes. But the most recommended size for a Hvlp spray gun show is at least 3-hp and with a tank size of 20 gallons. It will be a plus if you choose a larger compressor than required.

Question 3: What Pressure Does My Hvlp Spray Need For Proper Functioning?

Answer: It depends on the specifications of your spray gun models, but for a fine painting job, experts recommend a pressure between 25-30 PSI for the hvlp spray gun. If you are looking for auto vehicle painting, then you can increase it up to 20 PSI.

Question 4: What Is The Right CFM Level For An Hvlp Spray Gun?

Answer: While using a Hvlp spray gun, you need to arrange a lot of air to get a perfect job. But typically, you always need a minimum of 8 CFM for DIY projects.

For quality projects, the recommended CFM is a minimum of 30 to protect the Hvlp spray gun from generating bad results. You can change the CFM level by making changes in fan adjustments.

Question 5: How Do I Get The Right Dilute Paint When Painting With A Hvlp Spray Gun?

Answer: First test painting with an Hvlp spray gun with dilute paint, but if atomization is not up, mark the dilute it in 5 percent increments by stirring with a rod. For perfect dilution, you can also check the material manufacturer’s technical data sheet details.


Hvlp spray gun is a modern tool that makes painting jobs much easier than before. You can paint any surface with a Hvlp spray gun in less time but get the perfect finish. 

But for getting the right results, you need to learn about how to use an Hvlp spray gun. We have taught you all the essential details that may help you to make your finish perfect.

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