How to Use Battery Jump Starter – Best 7 Steps

How to use battery jump Starter at a crucial time, you must have to know it to avoid any starting hassle of your journey. Learn to use a jump starter. It was crazy cold this morning with minus 11 degrees windchill, and when you went to start your car, you saw the battery die. Or, your battery just drains for some reason. That’s not an exceptional scenario. Every driver may face that natural phenomenon when they leave their headlights on. So, what do you do or how to overcome that situation? 

If that’s your case, you can take a jump starter as a blessing. A jump starter helps to start a vehicle with a dead battery easily. If you are a concerned driver, you may keep this tool on your emergency tools list. When you face such a situation, hopefully, this tool will help you to start your vehicle safely and effectively

So, if you have no idea how to use battery jump starter, don’t worry, our comprehensive guide helps you figure out all you need. 

How to use battery jump starter- Step-by-step process

7 Steps to using battery jump starter: 

Here I am describing a few steps on How to use battery jump starter, for your best information.

Step 1 (arrange the required safety gadgets and tools)

First, arrange the required safety gadgets and tools with a battery jump starter to charge the dead battery. You should set the protective clothing, eye protector, car battery, good quality charged jump starter, and jump starter cables.

Step 2 (Ensure that the jump starter battery is properly charged)

No matter whether you have used it or not, your jump starter battery may get down with time. You should ensure that the jump starter battery is properly charged. At least you should charge the jump starter once a month to protect you from unwanted situations.

Turn on the jump starter and you will see green, blue, or any other color light start blinking, which means the jump starter battery is charged. 

If you see the red light, it means the battery is down or near the end.  Before starting the long journey, check the jump starter charging before leaving the station.

Step 3 (switch off the car and remove all kinds of metal items)

Once you ensure the jump starter is properly charged, switch off the car and remove all kinds of metal items. If you have a ring on your fingers or even put aside the car keys. It may cause sparking when you touch the battery terminals which may cause burning.

Step 4 (Open your car dashboard and check the battery wires)

Open your car dashboard and access the battery; check the battery wires; maybe the problem is not with the battery, and the battery wires may disconnect. 

If the battery wires are properly connected, clean the battery terminals before starting your work. You may see corrosion or dust on the terminals and sometimes lose the battery wires with connectors.

Step 5 (check the battery terminals)

You will see the two colors, red and black, or sometimes white or any other color. The first red wire with the jump starter is positive, while the other is negative.

Now check the battery terminals; there are also different color terminals. The red terminal of the battery presents the positive terminal, while the black terminal is negative.

But if you see the terminals have lost their colors, then compare their size the bigger size terminal is positive while the smaller size terminal is negative.

Step 6 (plugin the jump starter wires with the battery terminals)

After identifying the positive and negative terminals and wires, plug in the jump starter wires with the battery terminals to give power. 

But before plug-in, the wires make sure the jump starter is off. Next, connect its positive wire with the battery’s positive terminal and the negative wire with the negative terminal.

After connecting the wires with the right terminals, switch on the battery jump starter. Now go to the driver’s seat and insert the key in the ignition switch to turn on the car

You may not start quickly; keep it turned for at least 30 to 60 seconds. You will see your car has started.

Step 7 (Keep your car switches on and access the battery jump starter)

Keep your car switches on in the start position and access the battery jump starter. Turn the jump starter switch off and first remove the negative wire and then remove the positive wire.

Do not start your journey; keep your car ON for 15 to 20 minutes, but if you are in a hurry, then at least 5 minutes to charge the battery. Repack the jump starter and store it properly in your car. After 15 minutes, your vehicle is ready to drive.

What are the Precautions while using battery jump starter?

A jump starter could be dangerous if you do not know how to use a battery jump starter. Some precautions may assist you in safely using a jump starter.

  •  Read the user manual on How to use battery jump starter before using the jump starter, especially when you are a new user. It is also essential for the old users because jump starters using instructions could change with the brand change.
  • Never touch the car battery or jump starter without wearing an eye protector and protective clothes.
  • Before connecting the jump starter with the battery, turn off the car, and remove and set aside the keys.
  •  Remove all the metal items such as rings, necklaces, or other metal items near the battery.
  •   Ensure the vehicle is not closer to the flammable gases or liquids
  • Keep the jump starter as far away as possible
  • Make sure the battery charger voltage and jump starter output voltage should be the same.
  •  Always connect the positive wire with the positive terminal and the negative with the negative terminal.

What are the reasons for a dead battery?

you must have to know better How to use battery jump starter, and why Getting a car battery dead is not a thing to wonder about; there could be several reasons to die your battery.

Headlights remain ON in the parking

Do you have manual headlights on your car? Never forget to switch off the headlights; otherwise, headlights will consume the battery power, and a dead battery will be waiting for you when you start your vehicle again.

Some modern vehicles come with headlights and auto switch-off features. But if that feature is missing in your car, make sure you have properly turned off the headlights while parking your car in the garage to protect your battery charging.

Loose connections of battery wires

Battery wires disconnected could happen due to corrosion on terminals or shocks. It is unable to charge the battery when it is disconnected. If your car battery is disconnected, it may dead the battery or completely shut down the engine.

You should tighten the battery connectors and if you see corrosion on the terminals, then clean the terminals properly to connect the wires on the terminals in the right way. Only proper battery wires connected with terminals ensure the charging of the car battery.

Improper maintenance

You need proper maintenance of your car battery; a poorly maintained battery could also create many problems for you. It could cause sudden damage or lower the battery power.

So being a professional driver, you should clean the battery regularly with recommended ammonia-based cleaner or baking soda and water solution. Also, make it your habit to check the acid level of the battery after every month and especially before setting out on a long journey.

Temperature affects

For the proper functioning of your car’s battery, the temperature must be moderate. Freezing winter or hot summer days could be problematic for your car battery. 

You may find your new batteries resistive against extreme temperatures, but a used battery could face troubles during the cold or hot season.

If there is too much cold or hot outside, it could weaken the battery performance. So it is better to have a well-maintained battery on such extreme seasonal days. But if not possible, then always keep a better quality battery jump starter with you.

Old battery

No matter how good a quality car battery you have, it will become weaker after use. Normally batteries could last for 4 to 6 years. But it depends on several factors such as your traveling distances and maintenance of the battery.

If you have an old battery and see immediate battery power consumption, you may need a battery replacement. 

First, you should charge the battery with a battery jump-starter, but if it still shows a problem, replace it with a new one to get rid of.

What is the best battery jump starter?

If you want to have the best battery jump starter for you, you may get confused due to the availability of different varieties. But certain jump starters are better options than others. Here is a look at the three best battery jump starters to charge your vehicle’s dead battery.

DBPOWER 2000A/20800mAh Car battery Jump Starter

For most vehicles How to use a battery jump starter with 8.0 L gas or 6.5 L diesel DBPOWER, a 20001/20800mAh car jump starter is reasonable. The starter comes with a high-quality 12 V Auto Lithium-Ion battery booster that quickly charges the dead batteries.

Its smart clamp cables and LED flashlight features make it a suitable choice to work with ease in dark parking or at night on rough roads. The jump starter has only 1.36 pounds of weight that are easy to carry and operate.

Its modern, smart USB output ports make it perfect for quickly charging portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The jump starter with a powerful 20800mAh battery could work for months without facing any difficulty.

LED light functions in 3 different modes (strobe/SOS/ lighting) making it a perfect tool to work at night. It is made of imported quality materials, and the buyer also gets a three-year free warranty cover.

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter – 2000A Peak 18000mAH

Imazing Portable Car jump starter is a multifunctional jump starter that may be the best pick for your car, truck, dirt bike, motorcycle, and personal watercraft. Its perfect lithium polymer battery is suitable to use with all 8L diesel and 10L gas engines.

It comes with ultimate protection for your safety; 8 advanced safety features, reverse connection, reverse polarity, over-voltage, over-discharge, short circuit, overload, over-charge, and over-current makes it a safe jump starter.

The Imazing Portable car jump starter with its powerful 18000mAh battery could charge multiple electronic devices quickly. Its USB charging features make that jump starter compatible with digital cameras, tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

On getting that jump starter, you will get the free 2-year warranty cover and lifetime technical support. It is a trusted jump starter that could be a good companion for you in emergencies.

TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Our last pick is the TOPVISION 2200A peak 21800mAh car battery jump starter which is a perfect jump start for most 7.0 L gas and 6.5L diesel engines. It is the right jump starter for your car, truck, tractor, trailer, and watercraft.

Its powerful and easy-to-connect wire clamps with the best flashlight features make that jump starter a better option to use in bad weather conditions. It can be used as a multipurpose jump starter to charge electronic devices such as digital watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and many others.

The TOPVISION car jump starter is a lightweight, powerful charger that is easy to carry and operate in emergencies. Its 12 V battery with a powerful 21800mAh power support could quickly charge dead batteries.

The jump starter is also equipped with modern safety features like overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, and a short circuit. Its powerful lithium-based battery offers greater resistance and is a durable material with an average life of 10 years.

How many times can I use a battery jump starter with a single charge?

It may vary depending on its use, and also it depends on its battery power. But for average use, you can use a battery jump starter four to five times with a single recharge. You should recharge it once every six months even if you do not use it, and get the best service from your jump starter you have to know more effectively How to use battery jump starter?

Why is a portable battery jump starter a better option than a plug-in with another car battery for a jump start?

A portable battery jump starter has many advantages over the jump start with other car batteries. But the two most appealing advantages of using portable battery jump starters are independence and ease to use. 

You do not need anyone’s help and can charge the dead battery by providing instant power. Its setup is pretty easy that may not take more than a couple of minutes to work with.

How can you maximize your battery jump starter’s lifespan?

Like other items, you can also extend the lifespan of your battery jump starter by proper maintenance with How to use battery jump starter. Keep your jump starter battery and clamps cleaner and properly packed. Store the jump starter in a safe place at a moderate temperature.

Avoid placing it in too much heat or cold that may damage its battery. Generally, placing the jump starters between 10 to 20 degrees centigrade could ensure a long lifespan.

What is the average lifespan of a battery jump starter?

The life of a battery jump starter depends on the life of the battery. You may see some variations depending on several factors such as maintenance, brand, and intensity of use. But an average life of a jump starter lithium-based battery could be between 5 to 7 years.

But if you know accurately How to use battery jump starter? You can also increase its lifespan with proper care and maintenance. But if you poorly maintained the jump starter, its battery life could not last for more than 2 to 3 years.

Can I charge my car battery with a battery jump starter?

It is an interesting question that many people do not know about because most of us think it can charge batteries, but it is wrong. A battery jump starter could only supply instant power to the battery to start the engine.  Once the vehicle’s engine starts, it starts charging the battery. So, expand your knowledge of How to use battery jump starter?

Does the battery jump starter charge the dead batteries?

You may face some problems and may need some more time to start a dead battery, but a good quality jump starter can provide instant power to dead batteries for charging. If you have a dead battery, wait for 30 to 60 seconds to turn on the engine. If you can not do the task learn first How to use battery jump starter?


Undoubtedly, every task with electrical devices could be dangerous. But if you have learned how to use a battery jump starter, then it is safe to use. 

Make sure you have taken all the safety measures on How to use battery jump starter before using the jump starter. Sometimes there is a risk that the battery may cause fire when contacted with metal or other flammable items.

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