How To Thin Latex Paint For Spray Gun?

To know How To Thin Latex Paint For Spray Gun? You are well come to my blog. Painting with a spray gun could make your job much easier. You can use latex paint with a spray gun to paint several surfaces. But while using latex paint, you also need proper thin latex material to use in the spray gun for getting a perfect and fine finishing.

You may make latex paint thinning jobs more accessible, but you should implement proper techniques. By mixing water or paint conditioner you can get the thin latex paint for a smooth working experience.

If you are searching for ways to thin latex paint material, read my content below and learn how to thin latex paint for a spray gun.

What Are The Uses of Latex Paint?

What Are The Uses of Latex Paint

Latex paint is a widely used paint material suitable for flat, semi-gloss, or glossy indoor and outdoor surfaces. You can find latex paints in many colors to find your favorite one.

The total share of latex paint in the paint industry is about 75 percent or more. It comes with many advantageous features that make it suitable to use for different surfaces.

  • Latex paint is widely used to paint indoor walls and trims because it quickly dries and makes it easier and fast to apply a second coat to get the perfect finish.
  • It also works well over the concrete surface; a particular type of masonry latex paint is developed on decks, floors, and stairs decks for indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.
  • Due to its high resistance to sun and retention of color for a longer time, it is also the best solution to replace old weathered aluminum siding.
  • The better cleaning feature makes it suitable to use for woodworking. It is widely used for wood siding, wood furniture, and other wooden surfaces.
  • Latex paint offers excellent resistance against moist and mildew growth, making it one of the best choices to paint stucco surfaces.

Why Do You Need To Thin Latex Paint?

Why Do You Need To Thin Latex Paint

Every one of us wants a perfect and fine painting finish. It is only possible to draw smooth and perfectly straight lines with paint if suitably thinned paint material. It does not just make your job easier and perfect, but it also increases your productivity. You can cover the double or sometimes triple area with thin paint compared to without thinning.

You may use paint without thinning when using the brush to paint the wall or other surfaces. But it is very tough to use thick paint in a spray gun. Spray guns work on the principle of consistent flow, and it is only possible when you have thin latex paint in the spray gun.

If you do not thin latex paint, you face some of the side effects of thick latex paint, such as unwanted texture, gaps in the paint line, and chunky color. So for the satisfactory and perfect completion of your paint job, it is necessary to thin the paint before using a spray gun properly.

What Materials Can I Use To Thin Latex Paint?

Typically water is used to thin latex paint which is a simple and free solution.  But you want clean water to use to thin latex paint while preparing it for the spray gun.

Only clean water ensures proper mixing of water and paint. If there is no clean water or you do not want to use water for thinning paint, you can consider Acetone, turpentine, paint-thinner, flow aid, and other mediums.

How To Thin Latex Paint Material For Spray Gun?

How To Thin Latex Paint Material For Spray Gun

There are two solutions to thin paint; the first is to use water to thin latex paint, while the second is to use a paint conditioner. You can choose any of the paint thinners depending on your job. I will explain both methods separately.

Method 1: Step By Step Process To  Thin Latex Paint With Water:

Follow my steps by step guide to thin latex paint using water as paint thinner.

Step 1

First of all, identify the surface you will paint and read the instructions clearly on the paint material box. If you have an excellent branded latex paint, they provide all thinning instructions and recommendations on the paint can.

Step 2

Open the latex paint can and stir it properly for a couple of minutes; it will also thin the pure latex paint material. Do not add water directly; otherwise, you may see thicker blocks. Make sure there are no thick paint blocks.

Step 3

Once you have stirred the pure latex paint with a paint stick, add the required paint to the spray gun cup. But make sure you have added the paint quantity and leave enough space for the addition of water.

Step 4

Next, start adding water, add a tiny amount of water, and stir it well. When stirring, continuously pop up the stick to see the thickness level. Then add more water as required and keep stirring to mix it well. Follow the same instructions until you get proper thin latex paint for use in the spray gun.

Step 5

Once you have got your required thin paint, close the spray gun cup by putting a lid on it. Now it is ready for work. For more clarity, you can try it on some raw surfaces to know more about paint or dilution of color. If okay, then do your painting task.

Method 2: Step By Step Process To  Thin Latex Paint With Paint Conditioner:

Thin Latex Paint With Paint Conditioner

If you prefer to use water as thinner for latex paint, you can also use a paint conditioner to thin latex paint. Follow the below simple step-by-step guideline to thin latex paint with paint conditioner.

Step 1

Choose one of your required paint thinners according to your surface and paint requirement.

Step 2

Then open the latex paint tin pack and stir the original paint material with a paint stick to remove thick paint blocks. Also, take the stick below closer to the bottom of the tin pack to ensure that you remove blocks well from all paint.

Step 3

Now add latex paint in the spray gun cup as required, and then add one cap of paint conditioner and stir it with a paint stick. Keep stirring for 2 to 3 minutes and ensure that the conditioner is mixed well. Check the latex paint’s thickness.

If needed, add one or a half cups of conditioner to the paint and stir it well. Make sure you have got the right thickness level that is perfect for the painting job.

Step 4

In the end, perform testing to know that you have got the right thickness. Close the spray gun cup and apply paint on some raw surfaces to ensure appropriately thin latex paint. If okay, then set for your work.

Helpful tips (Thin Latex Paint for Spray Gun):

While thinning latex paint material, keep in mind the following points to avoid any untoward situation.

  • Never add an entire portion of water at the same time because different paints require different water levels. You may spoil all your paint, so add a little amount and increase it gradually as needed.
  • Do not prepare all the required paint in one go because it will start creating blocks after 20 to 30 minutes, and you may need more thinner for each use. So only prepare the solution required to use, and each time you work, prepare new paint material to use.

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Thin Latex Paint For Spray Gun

1. How Can I Thin Latex Paint Without Any Change In Its Color?

How Can I Thin Latex Paint Without Any Change In Its Color

You may see some color change when adding water for thinning. But if you do not want to change the color, then add mineral spirits or turpentine to it.

2. What Is The Best Latex Paint And Thinner Ratio?

When using water, then paint, and the water ratio is 4:1 to get fine thinning material. But if you are using a latex paint conditioner for thinning, add 8oz per gallon of latex paint. For DIY or outdoor surfaces, you can add up to 16 oz per gallon of latex paint.

3. What Will Happen If My Paint Becomes Too Much Thinner?

If you have added more thinness and get a thinner paint solution, it covers the surface, but you will need to give more coats and inappropriate painting.

4. What Should I Do If My Latex Paint Becomes Too Much Thinner?

Do not worry; you can add more paint to make the paint thicker and thinner solution. If you have a small area for painting, you can use more coats to get fine paint finishing.


Latex paint is widely used for indoor and outdoor surfaces. About 75 percent of paint used in the field is latex paint. But before using it over the surface, you need to thin the paint because, with thicker paint, you cannot get a perfect painting job, especially when using a spray gun.

So before applying paint over the required surface, thin it with water or paint thinner according to the above recommendation.

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