How Long After Painting A Car Can You Drive It?

How long after painting a car can you drive it? That’s when the question comes to mind, When I came to the painting workshop to paint my car completely, I thought it would take a few days to paint the car.

But it turned out that after 2 days the phone was ringing from the workshop and your car was in full color. The painter recommended driving the car.

Actually, how long after painting a car can you drive it, generally it takes 24 hours to drive after the final touch of the painting. For personal benefit, in the painting job don’t hurry up and take enough time to check the paint job with a bright light to make sure you do not see any defects in the workplace.

While the car is safe to drive at home, experts say the paint job is completely cured in about 60 to 90 days. So here are a few safety precautions you can take with your car right now.

Some precautions I recommended to take care of your newly painted car(How long after painting a car can you drive it?)

Do not leave the workshop before the final check: 

For the question of how long after painting a car can you drive it? It is 1st precaution to take enough time in the workshop and look at the colorwork defects if any in the bright light of day so that any defects can be repaired.

Smooth and silkiness are the basics of a perfect paint job. So, to get these advantages you must have to examine your car before leaving the paint shop.

Do not wash the car with soap water immediately:

2nd precaution for the question is how long after painting a car can you drive it? Hi, wait don’t take your newly painted car to a car wash center. A newly painted car needs a minimum of 30 days for proper curing. Wait and think how long after painting a car can you drive it?

If necessary, take your car home and wash gently in the shade with cold water and microfiber mittens. Be as humble as possible to avoid scratches. Wipe immediately with a microfiber towel or chamomile. Surely you don’t want watermarks or swirls on a glossy new finish.

Do not drive unless necessary:

3rd precaution for the question is how long after painting a car can you drive it? Avoid the unnecessary drive, only drive when most necessary and the weather is fair.   during this time you can use alternative transport.  Unnecessary rides will open up your new paint job to harsh environmental conditions before it is fully cured.  

It is good and safe to leave your car in the garage for about two months. If you do so, your car paint will be long-lasting with brightness.

Do not wax a newly painted car:

What is the big mistake that most of us make, how long after painting a car can you drive it? We prefer to apply the wax on the newly painted car as soon as possible when we bring it home. But the car painting professionals strictly prohibit waxing a newly painted car.

We think that a gap of one or two days is enough for proper drying of the paint. But experts recommend good dryness, and it may take one to two months. So when you take a newly painted car, wait for a couple of months and then apply the wax.

But there is a risk that your car paint damage may be in these months because it is enough time. The modern approach of professional painters has changed, and they say that wax it as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted events. But before applying wax, make sure the paint is appropriately dried.

Avoid outdoors or under a tree parking:

Significant and unsightly damage can result from leaving your newly painted car, outside, or under a tree. Tree milk, bird droppings, and acid rain can damage your new paint job.

Even severe temperature changes can also affect healing and adhesion to the paint. During curing the paint, keep your car in a garage or at least a suitable shelter.

Some tips to take home:

If oil, gasoline, antifreeze, windshield solvent, or accidental spill is accidentally spilled on your vehicle, be sure to wipe it off immediately using water. Also, do not try to clear the area, as it may be greasy. If you have to clean the area, do it as gently as possible.

Do not drive on dirt roads or in wooded areas that may scratch your car.


Instead, make sure you have the right garage or shelter for your vehicles during the curing period. It is an insult to your wallet, car, and car aficionado code to park your car on the side of the road, tunnel, or open area after repaint. For car lovers, investing in a garage should be the first step in car ownership. It’s like getting a gun but not having a holster or a case for it.

Hopefully writing the above information will help you make the right decision. So it is clear How long after painting a car can you drive it.

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